Sunday, August 22, 2010

I'm a terrible treadmill runner now...

I got bored and painted my toenails red!
Absolutely terrible! My stride gets all messed up and I forget to breathe properly.  My heart rate spikes awkwardly because I'm not breathing properly and then I just feel like an idiot. I'd like to say that today proved that 8 days of a miserable sickness-induced sedentary lifestyle had no effect whatsoever on my fitness but the treadmill just did not provide accurate results! I am planning to do my scheduled 2.25 mile run tomorrow and go from there.  Here's hoping that I'm not completely f'd for my race in a week.

More after the break.

In other news, the penicillin has done a great job eradicating the strep bacteria in my throat but it's also done a fantastic job wreaking havoc on my delicate internal flora balances.  It shall suffice to say that I am profoundly uncomfortable a good portion of the day and am anxiously awaiting the final day of penicillin treatment.  I had dinner tonight with Eric at Bertucci's and the food is making sloshy noises in my insides. Ick! I guess I'll just have to take some more L. acidophilus and eat even more yogurt than normal.

We saw Scott Pilgrim vs. The World before dinner today. I'm still a bit unsure what I think about it.  It was a very strange movie and I think he and I were the only two in the theater not in their teens. I admit though, the writing did impress me; it actually captured the current colloquiums of the younger generation. Mercifully, "epic" did not make its way into every sentence because I might have had to go on a goose eviscerating rampage.  I am abysmally sick of that overused word!

I have an extremely busy work week ahead of me. I've got to make up for last week's shoddy productivity levels!