Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hot Hot Hot!

It's hot. Very hot. It must have been at least 90 degrees when I went for my run just before 6. I had planned on doing a 6-miler. Which I thought, as I drove home from work, seemed like a rather ambitious goal for someone still recovering from her race and not acclimatized to this kind of heat.  I ended up bagging the second half of my run and only managing a meager 36 minutes.  It was just too freaking hot for me, and I was not properly hydrated for that kind of weather.  Hopefully September will bring with it some cooler, more runner-friendly weather.

I came home to a happy surprise today. One of the flowers I planted back in early July has finally bloomed! There's a picture of it after the break. :)

There should be plenty more flowers to come within the week. Hopefully a red or yellow one will bloom too!

After my run, I waffled about the kitchen trying to decide what to eat.  The pantry is a touch understocked, and my options are rather limited.  I didn't want to risk Eric's wrath by eating granola and yogurt. I looked at my package of frozen chicken boobies, I looked at my KitchenAid mixer sitting on the counter and then I had a brainstorm. I could make chicken tacos and finally try out my food grinder attachment.  Overall the grinding process was very simple.  The meat needs to be frozen and then cut into long strips, which get fed down into the tube with the mixer on speed 4.  I ground the chicken boobies up twice for a finer grain, and was well rewarded.  

They were quite possibly the tastiest tacos I've had in a while.  The meat was soft, tender and delicious.  I will definitely be doing some kitchen experimenting now that I've seen how simple it is to use.  Look for the recipes in the future here on the blog. :)