Thursday, August 12, 2010

As promised...

Yesterday was me circa 2006, so today is me circa 2010...

And Eric's camera's flash is really bright:

I had to bid adieu to a couple of my (not so) baby planties this morning.  They were being overrun and not getting enough sun. Oh well! I hope to have flowers on at least a couple of them by the end of August. I will get more pictures of them next week to share. :) I finally got around to planting my chives two weeks ago and they've sprouted:

I ran a decent 6 miler yesterday, even with all the hills and distracted drivers.  I think I'm going to attempt another 7 miler next week when the training plan has me scheduled to run 9.5 which is a bit out of my current training range.  Today was circuit training which I completed with no problems, and I'm even back to 12 non-modified push-ups. Woohoo!

I have a relatively non-busy weekend ahead of me so there's a high likelihood that I will actually be productive this Saturday morning and have lots to talk about. It's been about a month since I had a good productive Saturday morning with some Ciabatta French Toast and Orange-Cranberry Marmalade.