Thursday, July 15, 2010

What a difference a year can make!

Sometimes I like working for Raytheon.  Today at my (free) company provided health screening was one of those times. Last year, they started providing free health screenings to its employees in their most recent undertaking: Mission Health. Being the health conscious individual (some might say nut) that I am, I signed up to get one.

These were my 2009 results:
Total Cholesterol: 157 mg/dl (less than 200 mg/dl is normal)
HDL Cholesterol: 57 mg/dl (these are the good ones, you want a higher number of these)
Total-to-HDL ratio: 2.4 (less than 4.4 is good for a woman)
Non-Fasting Glucose: 100 mg/dl (normal is for non-fasting is less than 200)
Blood Pressure: 130/86 (normal is around 120/80)
BMI: 27.89 (classified: overweight)
Waist Circumference: 36" (increased risk factor of obesity related diseases)

My cholesterol was just good last year, not excellent. The ratio put me at a low risk of heart disease, and my non-fasting glucose was normal. My blood pressure was a little high, I was classified as overweight and I had a 36" waistline.

I had a couple of "HOLY CRAP!" moments when I got my results from this year's screening:

Total Cholesterol: 142 mg/dl (-15 from 2009)
HDL Cholesterol: 74 mg/dl (good gods! +17 from 2009!)
Total-to-HDL ratio: 1.9 (wow! -0.5 from 2009)
Non-Fasting Glucose: 89 mg/dl (having a very normal non-fasting glucose level is huge for me!)
Blood Pressure: 122/82 (ok so this is still a little high, but I get nervous when they take my bp!)
BMI: 23 (classified: normal)
Waist Circumference: 28" (a little bloated from lunch but still -8" from 2009!)

These numbers just help reiterate how living a healthy lifestyle gives both visible and non-visible results.  YAY!