Saturday, July 17, 2010

Staying confident in the face of travel

Traveling, be it for business or pleasure seems to put fear into the hearts of even the most stalwart weight loss veteran. It need not be so terrible however! I recently returned from a 3-week business trip to Norway and was not only able to maintain my weight but actually increase my general fitness.  I will share my secret with you:

That's right, there's only seven measly items there. Seven measly items that can easily fit into anyone's suitcase or carry-on luggage.

They are:
  • One set of lifting gloves 
  • Three resistance loops
  • One resistance band
  • One speed-style jump rope
  • Accompanying workout
The cardio sections in the workout sheet are done using the jump rope and the normal amount of reps per resistance exercise is 12-15.  This is an excellent workout because it can easily be customized to your fitness level or if you're just feeling ambitious and want to do multiple circuits.  I normally do one circuit of this every other day, and over the past few months have made measurable gains in strength and muscle tone.  I am looking into replacing that one resistance band with a set of them, preferably ones with handles.

The lifting gloves are optional, but I find them extremely handy. I don't know about anyone else, but my hands get really sweaty and it's difficult to hold onto anything when your palms are drenched. Obviously I've left out the fact that you'll also need to pack workout clothes and shoes, but they are necessary. :)