Monday, July 19, 2010

I...own a bikini?

My weekend didn't quite pan out as I had intended.  I wanted to go visit my family in NH on Saturday, but alas work had other plans for me. I couldn't get any lab time on Friday so I decided that my best bet was to leave early (at noon!) and go shopping for a bathing suit, then come in for four hours on Saturday.

I succeeded in my goal of finding a bathing suit but I'm not sure whether I have the courage to wear the bikini top I purchased. Fortunately for me, I also found a corresponding tankini to wear with the bottoms that looks just as good.  Now I need an excuse to go swimming!

Today during my run I found out that my fancy pair of sunglasses are actually sport sunglasses. I was quite pleased by this discovery because it was really hot and sunny today.  Even the geese didn't move to hiss or honk at me as I ran by.  As usual, I shook my fist at them and wished death upon their families.  Stupid evil geese!