Friday, June 4, 2010

The Squirrel Report: Wednesday 6/2/2010

Calories In: 1824
Calories Out: 174
Net Calories: 1650

Exercise Minutes: 41 minutes of circuit training

Circuit Training:
0.5mi @ 6.5mph (warmup)
Jump Squats x 12
Jump Rope x 2 min
Hamstring Curls w/blue band x 15 per leg
0.25mi @ 6.7mph
Shoulder Molders w/10lbs x 10
Jump Rope x 2 minutes
Pushups/Modified Pushups x 8/4
0.25mi @ 7.0mph
Bicep Curls w/15lbs x 12
Jump Rope x 2min
Tricep Kickbacks w/10lbs x 12
0.25mi @ 7.0mph
Rotating Planks x 12
Jump Rope x 2min
Walk x 5min (cooldown)

On the whole an excellent day, diet and fitness-wise but I can't help but feel a little down since I have to deal with all this car bullcrap.