Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Squirrel Report: Monday 5/31/2010

Calories in: Didn't log
Calories out: Didn't log
Net Calories: Didn't log

Exercise Minutes: 31 minutes of circuit training

Circuit Training:
Jump Rope x 6 min (warmup)
Jump Squats x 13
Jump Rope x 2 min
Hamstring Curls with Blue Resistance Loop x 15 per leg
Jump Rope x 2 min
Shoulder Molders w/frontal raise x 6 w/10lbs & 6 w/8lbs
Jump Rope x 2 min
Pushups/Modified Pushups x 7/5
Jump Rope x 2 min
Bicep Curl x 15 w/10lbs
Jump Rope x 2 min
Tricep Kickback x 12 w/10lbs
Jump Rope x 2 min
Plank with alternating leg/arm lifts x 24
Jump Rope x 5 min (cooldown)

It was a decent day despite having a large lunch and too many tiny strawberry cupcakes later in the day.  I find it very difficult to stay on track when my routine is blasted by long weekends, I am going to have to work on making a strategy for them!  I didn't make it through a full circuit, I suspect I was still a little pooped from the race on Sunday.  My official time for the race is still pending but I'll be posting the results ASAP!