Monday, June 14, 2010

Serious lack of posts going on here!

Mostly due to work induced stress.  My company has sent me on a business trip to Norway, and I had to fly out here and drive to the work site all by my lonesome.  I was quite pleased with my bravery. I not only successfully made it through both flights (even though I managed a measly 2 hours of sleep the entire journey!), I also made it successfully to the work site via a neat little rented Toyota Prius.

I know jet lag affects everyone differently but daaaay-num, I am dead.  I've been here since Sunday at 3PM Norway time (that's 9AM EST) and I'm still not adequately recovered.  My throat is sore and my neck feels like I've been hunched into a container for days.  However, I did manage to get a minuscule 17 minutes of circuit training in.

One happy note though, I brought the love of my dietary life with me:

Now all I have to do is buy some bananer and peanøttsmør and this trip will be just a little better.