Monday, June 28, 2010

One handful of days to go!

I have that funny "traveling soon" feeling in the pit of my stomach. Which is normally accompanied by a sense of dread when I'm leaving the states, but right now it's accompanied by a feeling of excited impatience. I can already tell I'm hardly going to be able to sleep on Friday night! I'll have to remember to set a wake-up call.

I purchased a  Muscle & Fitness Hers magazine to read on the plane on the way here.  It's got some decent tips and a few good recipes that I'm interested in trying out when I get home.  But man, the women in that magazine are so ripped I almost think they don't really look very feminine anymore.  Women are supposed to have some body fat!

The recipes are mostly for protein shakes, which I'm not sure how I really feel about.  I know that I would like to get more protein in my diet and some of those shakes look really good, but I'm just not sure that it's the best method of increasing my protein intake.  I did some internet research and it looks to me as though I need somewhere between 54-100g of protein daily.  Out here in Norway, I've been woefully under that number. I'm definitely going to have to perform some tweaks here and there to get it to where it needs to be when I return home.