Friday, June 25, 2010

Lazy day!

I took yesterday off, the first day off of working out that I've had in a full seven days.  It's much easier to stick to a workout plan when you have nothing better to do.  Thanks for that Norway. I've got the Friday yoga workout and a 45 minute run planned for today.  The yoga workout today is based around back-bending poses and the little stick figures in my book look a little bit like pretzels.  Hopefully I won't injure myself doing any of these, I'll have to be careful.

Today would normally have been my weigh-in day at home, so I busted out the good old tape measure and took my measurements.  34"-26.5-34", yay! At least I am consistent, but I certainly do miss having my weight and using my handheld body fat monitor. 

I'm planning to go into Oslo tomorrow and do some sight-seeing with my coworkers.  Perhaps, I'll even convince/allow them to take some photographs of me in Oslo!