Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Squirrel Report: Wednesday 5/19/2010

Calorie Intake:         1846
Calorie Expenditure: -315
Net Calories:            1531

Exercise: 6.1 miles in 1h4min @ ~10:30 min/mile

Despite the misty/rainy weather here in New England, I managed to get out the door for a 6-miler today.  I averaged a 10:30 min/mil pace and my heart rate was around 168 the whole time.  It really takes a lot to get my heart rate up and pumping these days! I was really focused on thinking about other things so the run went by pretty quick, and before I knew it I was being hissed at by a stupid gander thinking that I was going to attack his little goslings.  Ok, I won't lie, I thought about punting them all but decided it would be more advantageous for my health to just continue on. Stupid geese!