Friday, May 21, 2010

The Squirrel Report: Thursday 5/20/2010

Calorie Intake:           1999
Calorie Expenditure: -166
Net Calories              1833

Exercise minutes: 21 minute walk @ lunch w/coworkers &  41 minutes of CT

5 min warmup on the treadmill @ 6.5mph (0.5mi)
Jump Squats x 12
Jump rope x 2 min
Hamstring Curls with Resistance Loop x 15
0.25 mile on treadmill @ 6.6mph
Shoulder Molders with frontal raise w/5lbs x 15
Jump rope x 2 min
Regular/Modified Pushups x 6,6
0.25 mile on treadmill @ 6.6 mph
Bicep Curls w/10 lbs x 12
Jump rope x 2 min
Planks w/alternating leg lifts x 12
Jump rope x 7 min to cooldown

Unfortunately, as you will note my calorie target is over again today! Grrr, guess I'll just have to shoot for 5/7 green checks this week, which is better than I've been producing the past few weeks.  I did find a hidden gem though today! Cold Stone Creamery has a fat free frozen yogurt that is only 140 calories a serving and you can mix in fruits.  It was very satisfying and I think I might even have to get a small carton of it to take home with me next time I go. Tomorrow will be a running day, so hopefully I can power through 50 minutes of running.