Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Squirrel Report: Saturday 5/22/2010

Calorie Intake:         1880
Calorie Expenditure: -240
Net Calories            1640

Exercise Minutes: 28 walking around Boston, 45 running @ 10:32 pace

I went into Boston today and as a result ended up eating lunch out.  I had a Ginger Chicken Udon plate at Wagamama that totaled at ~600 calories.  Fortunately, it didn't blow my calorie budget and I was able to have a small dinner after I ran.

It was quite warm out today (mid 70s) so the animals were out in full force on my run.  I saw the following:
  • A raccoon - This made me very nervous...aren't they supposed to be nocturnal!? It scurried away up a tree very fast as I ran by so I don't think it was rabid.
  • A miniature poodle - This dog was very intent on trying to seem ferocious as I ran by, but he failed.
  • A very dead chipmunk on the side of the road... sadface :(
  • The entire flock of geese that live around here AND their stupid goslings.
I hate geese. Some might call my hatred of geese irrational but when you are innocently cruising along on your run and all of a sudden you hear this loud hissing noise because you are within a 10 foot radius of the goslings, it's a little frightening.  I would greatly like for the entire flock to be taken out by a tractor trailer on the main road.