Monday, May 24, 2010

Review: Weekly Goals w/e 5/23/2010

  • Get 7 out of 7 green checks at 1500 kcal for this week while eating back 50% of my exercise calories - only got 4/7 green check marks. :(
  • Complete three circuit training workouts and three runs this week - only got 2 CT workouts in
  • Do two circuits for two of the CT workouts (M&F) - did not complete this
  • Three runs this week with durations of 60 minutes (T), 50 minutes (R) and 40 minutes (Sa) - Missed the 40 minute run because my knee hurt one day and it put me behind
  • Two 20-minute walks at lunch, T&R - Walked at lunch on Thursday only
  • Two Pilates sessions - Did not even put the DVD into the player
  • Weekly weigh-in on Friday @ or below 125 - Weighed in at 126 on Friday but 124.8 on Saturday morning...not really concerned
  • Bring lunch to work M-F  - Ate out twice last week...but brought and left lunch in fridge