Thursday, May 20, 2010

Midweek Goal Review

  • Get 67 out of 7 green checks at 1500 kcal for this week while eating back 50% of my exercise calories - Missed my target on Tuesday (oopsy), and am now shooting for 6/7
  • Complete three circuit training workouts and three runs this week - Did CT on Monday, took Tuesday off, Ran on Wednesday, CT today!
  • Do two circuits for two of the CT workouts (R&S) - schedule shift due to Tuesday off
  • Three runs this week with durations of 60 minutes (W), 50 minutes (F) and 40 minutes (Su)
  • Two 20-minute walks at lunch, R&F
  • Two Pilates sessions - have not even put the pilates DVD into the player...
  • Weekly weigh-in on Friday @ or below 125
  • Bring lunch to work M-F - brought my lunch on Tuesday but ate out and had sushi instead...oh well