Monday, January 3, 2011

Welcome to 2011!

Eric brought me roses for our NYE dinner date in. :) <3
More pictures after the break...

I was feeling creative on Sunday morning so I
sauteed some mushrooms...

Sauteed a few diced red bell peppers...

Chopped up some leftover parsley....

Whisked three eggs together with one of my new
squirrel whisks! I love my new squirrel whisks!

Presto! A beautiful midmorning breakfast omelette,
complete with some fruit, a slice of bacon and
a hearty cup of coffee.

I was still feeling creative, so I took some Sculpey
and made this cute little apple. Maybe I'll even make
an entire fruit basket.

I even felt up to tackling some scarf finishing!

How was your New Years Eve? Happy? Healthy? Leave a comment! :)